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ÀTOI Skincare Tips from Tova in the Press

Tova from ATOI

ÀTOI's Cleansers listed as #6 on Buzzfeed's "Here Are All The Things BuzzFeed's Beauty Team Was Legit Obsessed With In 2017!!"


Read Tova's Words of Advice for anyone starting their own company.

"I wish I had known that if you have a unique product and a unique approach, you need to go for it, even if you don’t know everything. Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back. You will learn and find out. I work with the brightest group of women of all different ages and backgrounds who continue to teach and inspire me. The things I am not good at do not phase me anymore. What I cannot figure out alone, we figure out together, and I have grown to love that process. It’s an incredible experience to be part of such a diverse team. I would have expanded my business sooner had I not been intimidated by what I didn’t understand. It’s so much better to risk comfort of the familiar than to live with the frustration of never trying."


The Super Simple Way French Women Get Radiant Skin

Recently Rachel Lapidos from WellandGood.com stopped by for a Cleansing and Moisturizing Lesson with our Founder, Tova Hanifin. Here's what she learned at her visit at ÀTOI's Greenwich Village Studio...


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  1. Switch to Alkaline Water - Drinking any type of water is beneficial and better than other beverage options, but tap water contains a variety of minerals and chemicals. For this reason spring water is better than tap, but alkaline water is King. With the increase of toxins from outside and inside our body, alkaline water becomes one of our first lines of defense. Alkaline water helps the body get rid of acid from food and drink so that our body and skin stays balanced. Too much acidity is very bad for the skin and contributes to red blotches and bumps on the skin. This issue becomes even more of a concern as we age and our bodies become more sensitive to acidity.

  2. Rinse with Distilled Water - For the same reasons that tap water isn’t the best choice for your body, it’s also not the best choice for your skin. The chemicals found in tap water can be a source of irritation, especially for anyone with sensitive skin. Distilled water not only lacks potentially irritating chemicals, it can even help to calm the skin. Fill a spray bottle with distilled water and spritz it onto 100% rolled, non-sterile cotton. Use the cotton to rinse the skin and allow it to air dry. Do this morning and night. By using the soft, chemical free cotton and allowing the skin to air-dry, you avoid contact with the rough texture and any residual, skin-irritating detergent found on towels. This simple addition makes a wonderful improvement in the skin and you will notice how well the skin looks and feels immediately.

  3. Drink Water to Stay on Track - The skin is the largest organ of the body, and what we put in our body usually shows itself in our skin. Even if we’re generally aware of how different foods affect our skin and our bodies, when we’re at peak stress levels, our water intake suffers and we eat whatever is available, convenient and suits our immediate cravings. This is so damaging to our body and to our complexion. Drinking alkaline water is a great reminder that good nutrition can taste good and reminds us to stay grounded and focused when stress kicks in. Eating and drinking conscientiously and responsibly can save us body and soul. The self-esteem that comes from making it through seemingly unending and unmanageable work and life issues without losing all our good habits is priceless and life changing.

Keep your complexion clear & even– even when you dye your hair!

  1. Before dyeing your hair, apply Vaseline or a non-porous jelly such as Alba Botanica UN-petroleum Jelly to protect the hair-line from irritation.

  2. Avoid ammonia and peroxide products. Schwartzkopf and Wella hair dyes have good color selections and are ammonia and peroxide free so they’re gentle on the scalp and skin.

  3. After dyeing the hair, wet 100% cotton with distilled water and wipe down the face to remove any residue and calm the skin.