Hear what our customers have to say:

"I am acne free for the first time since I was 13 (I’m 28). Not only that, but my acne scaring is almost totally gone, my skin is the same color/tone, and the redness is gone! I can finally go to work and walk into every meeting not trying to cover my face with my hair and speak with confidence knowing I don’t have to worry about looking terrible and everyone seeing what I was trying to cover.Thank you for a life changing product and the quality of the ingredients. You truly have changed my life!"

- Brianna Murray, ÀTOI Client

"I love atoi and cannot believe the the miraculous changes to my skin as a result of your products."

- Caroline Caldwell ÀTOI Client, since 2013

"I'm a week in and already seeing great results. The little bump pimples at my temples are almost all gone. They had been there for so long. And my complexion is much better. Down to cover up and no foundation :)"

- Anonymous ÀTOI Client

"These are the best products I have ever used; as well as, the only product I have ever stayed with because I see continual improvement of my face."

- Ginny Schuster, ÀTOI Client 10 years

"Love, love, love your products. … My skin has never looked better. People think I have beautiful skin even with all the years of sun damage and rosacea. The products smooth out the redness and my once large pores are now small and smooth. … There are so few issues with my skin. … I cannot imagine myself using any other product."

- Kathi Doak, ÀTOI Client since 2005

"Atoi Skincare is amazing! I use the clarifying milk and the soothing toner and day cream. It has evened out my skin tone so well that I no longer feel the need to wear daily makeup. It is gentle enough for my super sensitive skin and yet still cleanses and moisturizes beautifully!"

- Regan Bisch, ÀTOI Client 1 year

"Tova Hanifin gives excellent care and advice. I suffered from rosacea, needing to use prescription cream to treat my face. As soon as I started using products suggested by Tova, I no longer needed the prescription cream. My face has been rosacea free for the last ten years."

- Ruth McCormack, ÀTOI Client since 2005

"I've been using Atoi products for several years. I regularly use the soothing milk, soothing toner, balancing skin cream, night cream and line defying day/night cream. My skin glows when I use the products. They never leave my skin feeling tight or dry, but always soft and supple. Occasionally I try another line but always go back to Atoi because nothing else has the same effect on my skin."

- Marianne Wisenthal, ÀTOI Client

"I love ATOI's skin care products and people! I always feel very welcome in the ATOI skin care studios.The products are carefully researched and formulated and Tova is always directly involved. I love how I can call up with a skin problem and, from her years of experience, Tova immediately diagnoses the issue and offers a solution. As an example, in my early years with ATOI, I was regularly breaking out around the chin/jaw line. Tova asked if I was eating a lot of apples and/or tomatoes, and indeed I was! I cut back; problem solved. I look a lot younger than my age, and I know it is due in large part to the healthy look and glow to my skin!"

- Joan Garrison, ÀTOI Client 20 years