the ÀTOI skincare routine

Cleansing and Moisturizing are the heart and soul of the perfect skincare routine.
They are the firmest foundation for achieving your best, most beautiful complexion.

Our basic skincare routine is not only essential for phenomenal skin; it is the perfect start to a complete self-care routine. This immediate, noticeable change in your skin and the benefit of taking a little time for yourself motivates you to try other new, positive habits—lasting and enriching results that are more than skin deep.


ÀTOI's Cleansing Milk and Toner work together to cleanse and immediately restore your skin to stunning.

  • ÀTOI's Cleansing Milks gently but thoroughly cleanse the pores and treat the skin.
  • ÀTOI's gentle, alcohol free Toners reduce pores and soothe and even the skin.



CLEANSING MILKS Use Cleansing Milks 2-3 times in a row in your evening skincare routine. With each repetition the milk reaches deeper into the pores to lift our more impurities. It also improves fine lines and wrinkles and evens the skin.

Because ÀTOI Cleansing Milks open pores and free impurities, Cleansing Milks should be used generously and should NOT be massaged into the skin.

You’ll see improvement no matter how you use ÀTOI products, but we recommend removing Cleansing Milks with ÀTOI 100% Cotton Squares wet with distilled water.

TONERS A second application of Toner is helpful for an extra boost and should be allowed to dry for an additional 3 to 5 minutes in order to tighten pores before using creams.

We recommend using ÀTOI 100% Cotton Squares to apply Toner.

STEP 2 BOOST (Optional)

ÀTOI Exfoliant, Serums and Masks enhance your Cleansing and Moisturizing Routine so you can achieve the ultimate glamorous glow.

  • ÀTOI's Almond Exfoliant thoroughly lifts away dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal to reveal smooth, radiant skin.
  • ÀTOI Serums deeply penetrate the skin giving it an immediate, noticeable boost.
  • ÀTOI Masks absorb impurities from the pores while treating and relaxing the skin.



SERUMS We recommend using our remarkable serums after you are familiar with the basic cleansing and moisturizing routine.

EXFOLIANTS We recommending using exfoliants only after the skin is free of breakouts.


Hydrate, treat and protect your skin—then show it off to the world!

  • ÀTOI Eye Creams hydrate, strengthen and protect the delicate eye area, improving dark circles and fine lines.
  • ÀTOI Day and Night Creams deeply hydrate, heal and restore the skin.



EYE CREAMS In addition to daily treatment of the under eye area, ÀTOI Eye Creams can be used 1-2 times a week on line prone areas around the mouth, forehead, face and neck. They can also be used on the lips for extra hydration!

Apply Eye Creams low along the under eye area. The creams will slowly work their way up.

Because this skin is so thin, it is important to apply Eye Creams very gently and always from the outside of the eye in.

DAY/NIGHT CREAMS Apply directly prior to or mix your foundation with a small amount of ÀTOI creams for flawless makeup application. Your skin will look and feel so great that you may want to skip the makeup all together!

Apply ÀTOI Day Creams before SPF to protect the skin from irritation caused by pore clogging sunblock.