A Gentleman's Guide to Razor Burn

Razor burn can be a frustrating and complex problem for the men who suffer from it. It begins with a simple sensitivity that becomes compounded as one continues to shave over aggravated skin. Because many factors can contribute to this type of irritation, solving the problem takes a little detective work. Your skin functions like the indicator lights in your automobile, the red flashing light brings your attention to another potential problem. In many cases, when the skin is irritated it's warning us of an in-balance in the system that needs to be addressed.

  1. Drink Water: Water is key for re-balancing the system. Coffee, tea, soda and fruit juices are not a replacement for water. In fact, orange juice, apple juice and soda can actually aggravate the problem by introducing too much acidity to the body and making the skin more and more sensitive. We recommend an alkaline water such as Neo Water because it’s delicious and keeps the acidity levels balanced.
  2. Cut Down on Acidic Foods: Along these same lines, it is also best to limit high acidity foods such as ketchup, tomato sauce, vinegar, hot sauce and acidic fruits such as oranges and apples. You can have these foods, but eating them day in and day out can and usually does take its toll on the complexion.  
  3. Avoid Alcohol in Topical Products: Strong colognes and aftershave lotions with alcohol can dry the skin and contribute to irritation. The ÀTOI Soothing Toner is a superb, gentle, alcohol free aftershave alternative.
  4. Avoid Scented Laundry Products: Scented detergents and fabric softeners are filled with potentially irritating chemicals and fragrances. Try unscented detergent such as ALL and skip the fabric softener. If you cannot do without fabric softener, try unscented sheets. They are easier on the skin.
  5. Avoid Towels on the Skin: Towels are too harsh on the skin, but they're also filled with irritating laundry soap residue. After showering or shaving rinse the face with ÀTOI 100% Cotton Squares (soft yet strongly knitted so they don't stick in the beard) wet with distilled water and let the face air dry, or blot with unscented white Kleenex if you are in a hurry. 
  6. Use a Single Blade Razor: Using single blade razors and changing the blade with each shave helps avoid the buildup of irritating bacteria.
  7. Be Gentle! Despite the hair growing out of them, the chinny chin chin and neck are still areas are still prone to sensitivity. Having a rough hand when shaving or applying Cleansers or other products will only add to the irritation.
  8. Keep a Skin Care Routine: A daily skincare routine is essential for the overall health of the skin. ÀTOI's Cleansing and Moisturizing routine keeps the skin calm, clear, hydrated and smooth and helps reduce the extra irritation caused by shaving.

Most of us are on hectic schedules and it's difficult to pay attention the daily habits which irritate the body and the skin. We end up running our car with the indicator light on and crossing our fingers that it's just a wiring issue. It's time to start addressing our body's warning lights. Luckily, with a few pertinent habit shifts relieving razor burn is totally doable.