The winter season is upon us! Time for cold weather, hot chocolate and...central heating. During this time of year, those of us who suffer from dryness become increasingly aware of how parched our skin feels from head to toe. We need to put extra effort into keeping our skin hydrated and healthy despite the elements.

Hot water actually cooks the skin so it feels more like leather. Reducing the heat from hot to warm water, will help heal and improve the skin.

Here are some tips to hydrate, protect and nourish your skin through the winter weather.

  1. Drink lots of water: This one is critical; tea, coffee, juice and other liquids do not count and often add to dehydration. Alkaline water, such as Neo Super Water, is the best, especially when the body is dehydrated. We often think about drinking water as we “glisten” through the summer months, but with the combination of dry cold outside and dry central heating inside, it’s just as important to drink lots of water through the winter months as well.
  2. Add oils to your diet: If the skin is still dry and even itchy, add Spectrum Cold Pressed Oils to your grocery list. Apricot Kernel Oil is an ATOI favorite. It tastes like butter, is delicious and it moisturizes the skin from within. Use it interchangeably with butter for anything from baking to cooking and even on toast to keep the skin feeling soft and balanced.  
  3. Eat your avocados: Avocados are a skin saver because they are loaded with vitamin A which helps nourish the skin and even improve fine lines. Have them as often as you can; they are that beneficial to the skin.  
  4. Keep your showers lukewarm: It may be cold outside, but hot, lengthy showers or baths are especially drying over extended periods of time. Hot water actually cooks the skin so it feels more like leather. Reducing the heat from hot to warm water, will help heal and improve the skin. Be careful not to use hot water on the face either.  
  5. Go fragrance free: Switch to a fragrance free, olive oil castile soap such as Conti Soap. Body washes  and liquid soap can be both irritating and drying.
  6. Add oils to your body care: Almond Massage Oil is a great option in place of the usual body moisturizers which often leave the skin feeling even more dry.  Apply it immediately after your shower when the skin is still wet. Then towel dry. It’s a wonderful cure for dryness.
  7. Cleanse and moisturize: For the face and neck cleansing and moisturizing with ÀTOI’s Nourishing and/or Revitalizing Collagen Lines will save and restore your skin. The Nourishing Night Cream is even phenomenal for dry, cracked hands!
  8. Make a pack: For ultimate hydration, layer several ÀTOI creams thickly creating a “packing” that is essentially a super moisturizing mask. Relax and allow the skin to absorb the creams. After 10-15 minutes, massage the creams in and blot away any excess with an unscented tissue.

The beginning of winter doesn’t mean the end of beautiful, hydrated skin. It just means changing a few key habits. In fact, if you suffer from dry skin consistently, these tips will help wonderful the whole year round. If you’re unsure where to begin, give us a call at 212-929-2182 or email at We’ll walk you through all the ways you can keep your skin stunningly nourished and hydrated.