Tova's Summer Favorites

Yes! It’s finally warming up, but before kicking back and enjoying the sunshine, here are a few summer product picks to keep your skin looking great all season long:

  1. Sunblock: We all know that for healthy skin SPF is a non-negotiable, but finding one that doesn’t irritate the skin or clog the pores can be very difficult. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Think Sport  and Elta MD Sunblocks! Think has a white, goopy texture that smooths easily on the skin and is very gentle. It’s our favorite recommendation for those with light complexions. If you have a darker complexion, Elta MD Sunblock is an excellent choice. It’s a clear formula which doesn’t leave any white residue. However, even the best SPFs can be hard on the skin, so be sure to apply ÀTOI Day Creams before your SPF to create a protective barrier and remove SPF with 2-3 cleansings with ÀTOI Cleansing Milk at night.
  2. Sunglasses: Protecting our eyes from the sun is obviously very important, but Oliver Peoples Sunglasses are so stylish, I would wear them anyway! They have a great selection of shapes and colors, are very durable and are the perfect accent to any summer look.
  3. Hats: This might be my favorite way to protect my skin from sun exposure. I’m a lover of all hats, but for the summer weather Helen Kaminski raffia hats are my favorite. Made by an Australian designer with exquisite taste in summer styles, these hats look great and the thick raffia weave is of an excellent quality.
  4. Beach Snack: We at ÀTOI are healthy, but avid eaters. We tend to avoid gluten and dairy, but are far from willing to give up exceptional flavor or sweets. For a healthy snack that reminds us of our favorite oatmeal cookies, it doesn’t get better than Alyssa’s!
  5. Water: It’s so important to stay hydrated all summer long, but to make sure you’re getting the most out of your H20, I recommend bottled water with a high PH. Our office favorite is Neo Water (also available on Amazon). It’s extremely calming for the system and the skin and it tastes delicious!

Ok, now kick back in health and style and don’t forget to bring ÀTOI’s Soothing Travel Kit with you on all your summer journeys!

Have a glorious summer!