Cultivating a Centering Skin Care Routine

Here are all the things we’re supposed to be able to do in a day: exercise, go to work, be productive at work, spend quality time with family, friends and pets, keep a clean house, eat well, make sure everyone else eats well, keep up with the news, deal with whatever unexpected thing life throws with us that day etc.and still remain graceful, cheerful, kind, present and somehow remember everyone’s birthdays let alone their names. Even Wonder Woman looks lazy compared to these standards. When we’re running on 10 other peoples’ schedules, finding time for ourselves may seem impossible, but it’s so, so necessary. Self nourishment is key. It’s the foundation we need to deal with the madness. You may not have time to go to the spa or run out for a matinee, but it is possible to give yourself a few minutes of self-care on a daily basis through your skin care routine.

  1. Combine cleansing with other routines: The dream scenario may be to have time and energy at night to thoroughly cleanse before bed. But then life sets in and we’re so exhausted we just brush our teeth and pass out. That’s right; even when we’re tired most of us still manage to brush our teeth. So instead of adding skincare to your night routine, try fitting it around your dental care routine. Start with ÀTOI Cleansing Milk followed by ÀTOI Toner. Then, while your toner is drying, floss/brush your teeth. Pat on your cream and head to bed!
  2. Fear not the Cotton Square: The ideal ÀTOI Cleansing Routine includes distilled water and cotton. Often when we introduce this idea to new clients the response is, “I can’t do that!” Besides the benefits for your skin, this approach makes all the difference between your skincare routine being a chore or a special loving treat. It’s a way to be kind to ourselves and our skin and it really changes the experience.
  3. Cleanse in the shower: If we didn’t convince you in #2, and there’s just no way cotton and distilled water are going to happen, cleanse in the shower, just try to do it with a thoughtful, gentle intention rather than a quick scrub (also, please don’t scrub!).
  4. Cleanse Early: Although cleansing right before bed is ideal for winding down at the end of the day, cleansing earlier, either as soon as you get home from or right before you leave work, can be immensely helpful as well. It gives you time to center yourself before dealing with whatever awaits you at home.
  5. Start small: We’re often inundated with so many products to address every flaw we believe our skin has. Before we know it we end up with tons of products and become too overwhelmed to use any of them. Start with ÀTOI Cleansing Milk and Toner. They’ll make an incredible difference in the skin. Feel good about just cleansing at night. Then, as your routine grows, add ÀTOI Eye Creams and Day and Night Creams. Once you’re consistently cleansing and moisturizing, add more treatments such as ÀTOI Serums and Masks. Little by little you’ll develop a routine you look forward to unwinding with each night and enjoying the amazing skin you wake up to in the morning.  

Self-care isn’t just a treat--something we deserve because we finished all the things on our to do list; it’s a centering practice that makes the to do list more manageable. Whatever life may be throwing at you, we promise a little self-love will make it easier to bear.

No matter what, take care of yourself. You count.