Why Should I Cleanse?

Even if you’ve heard it a thousand times before: cleansing is important, but why? With so many products on the shelves that promise quick fixes, can’t I just grab some hyped up super-serum that will change my skin overnight and be done with it? Besides, who has the time? Let’s take a look at why cleansing is and always will be the most important step of your skincare routine.

  1. Without it other steps are not as beneficial: Cleansing sets the foundation for your skin to absorb all the benefits of the products that follow. Think about it; would you ever use a conditioner or hair mask without shampooing your hair first? Absolutely not! If you want to make the most of your skincare routine, you must first clear the skin of the day’s grime; otherwise you’re just layering your expensive cream and serum on dirty skin.
  2. It minimizes the pores: The best way to reduce the pores is to get them scrupulously clean. Because pores are long and slender, ÀTOI’s Cleansing Milks soften the pore so that with each repeated cleansing the Milk can reach deeper into the pore and lift impurities from within. This is especially important after wearing makeup or SPF which tend to clog and enlarge the pores.
  3. Quality cleansers are skin treatments: Yes, thoroughly cleansing the skin is the primary job of any cleanser, but they can do so much more. ÀTOI’s Cleansing Milks don’t just cleanse the skin, they also introduce ingredients that treat the skin helping to calm, hydrate and even give a collagen boost.
  4. You can cleanse your wrinkles away: That’s right! A thorough cleansing with the right restorative cleanser can do so much for your skin, you’ll even see improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.
  5. It feels so nice: Cleansing shouldn’t be a chore. It’s an opportunity to center one’s self and develop a practice of self-love. Taking the time your skin and your spirit needs to restore itself is important for so much more than your complexion.

Like most things in life skipping steps may sound like a great idea, but it rarely produces the desired results. You’re worth taking time for.

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